Jessica Thivenin, new preoccupation with Maylone : a specialist to the rescue

On October 7, 2020, Jessica Thivenin became a mother for the first time. A role that the height of happiness, but the stress also a lot. All the more that his son Maylone has had multiple health problems since his birth. The beautiful blonde 30 year old scans, so the slightest change in him and noticed a little recently.

On Wednesday 3 June, the wife of Thibault Garcia has entrusted to its subscribers that lately, she had trouble understanding the sleep of her baby. “This morning, Maylone woke up at 7: 30 am. Before, he would get up at 8am. After it has rechangé his sleep cycle he would wake up at 6 o’clock-6: 30 am. And now the cycle is back. It switches back to 7am. I can’t make him do naps. When I layer, it turns in all directions, it becomes a tanned. It label, it will rattle…”, explained Jessica Thivenin.

Thibault and they have therefore taken the decision to appeal to a sleep specialist to refer on the approach to be followed. “This week we change test to sleep, I note and I see with a lady who specializes in sleep. I’m happy because sometimes we do not understand why a sudden his baby cries, does not want to make any more naps… Luckily she is there. (…) I mess sometimes, I am like you. Yesterday I wanted to cry, I farted a cable I couldn’t take it any more, I did not understand. I have done lots of things to help him sleep, but I was in the galley,” said Jessica. But these moments, she prefers not to share it with his fans and that is understandable.

Since its birth, Maylone has worried his parents because of his atresia of the esophagus. It had to be made quickly, a shock to the lovebirds. And they were not at the end of their sentence. Last December, after having been close to death, he underwent a new operation to cause a problem of trachea. In march, it is a bronchiolitis, which has again led to the hospital. And recently, what are the strange noises as he breathed, who worried and Jessica Thibault.