Jessica Thivenin unrecognizable after surgery : before/after hitting

Jessica Thivenin has never hidden that she had resorted to aesthetic surgery. Revealed in 2014 when season 3 of the Marseillais, the pretty blonde who is now 30-years has changed a lot since her first steps on television. To such an extent, that it is has become unrecognizable. Moreover, internet users do not hesitate ever to find images of the young woman she was before marrying Thibault Garcia and have with them their son, Maylone.

This Monday, June 29, 2020, a before/after typing has even resurfaced, as you will be able to discover in our slideshow, where she appears in the first place, the blond hair faded, face chubby and her lips much thinner. In short, the physical transformation is truly impressive when you look at the second photo, much more recent. Jessica Thivenin shared it on his account Snapchat in stride, commenting on “respect is death“, accompanied by émojis hilarious.

The list of its operations

It must be said that the former Julien Tanti has no trouble taking his metamorphosis. Often questioned about it, she makes a list of its operations as at the beginning of the month of June : “I redid my breast at 24 years old. Then, I redid my nose and I put a chin implant.” Jessica also undertakes regularly to plump her lips, getting sometimes unsatisfactory results. What does the push alert on the use of the scalpel, she who is followed by over 5 million people. “Don’t do anything too early. One can quickly find themselves massacred by the cosmetic surgery”, recommended it.

And if to spend on the pool table appears as a miracle solution, Jessica, however, is proud to be back in the line after the birth of her baby in October last through its own efforts. In fact, it is getting rid of their bad eating habits, and in putting the sport in a rigorous way that it is built on a plastic dream. “I’m exercising one hour per day four times per week, I eat well Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, it’s my day off, cheat day, I eat what I want. For bad language, I have not done liposuction”, explained it in these last few months.