Jesta Hillmann takes up her stretch marks : “It is for the good cause” (EXCLUDED)

Jesta Hillmann, including new family adventures will be visible from the 17th of August in Moms & famous, has taken on many pounds during her first pregnancy. She saw her body transform and it keeps the traces of these nine months of happiness. Pregnant with her second child and wishing this time to pay attention to its weight, the ex-finalist of Koh-Lanta, who is married to another ex-adventurer, Benedict Assadi, spoke of her relationship with her body

Jesta Hilmman is not the type to pretend. She did not hesitate to reveal her stretch marks on the social networks, a gesture almost militant at the time of Photoshop and filters. “I’m not going to lie, obviously I would have preferred not to have one, it is all the same, but that’s life. As for me, when I am pregnant, I have a belly that is abnormally hyper big. I know that I will certainly have skin that crack with this second pregnancy. We can’t do anything, this is life so accept it and live with it,” she says.

Jesta Hillmann has the chance to be a person “who is not complexed and which has never been” and she encourages the other women to accept themselves. For that, it is an argument as simple as true : “in The end what is it is stretch marks, really ? Who sees us naked all day in our honey ? And he knows that it is for the good cause !”

However, the mother of Juliann (1 year) does not close the door to the possibility of having recourse to the laser in order to erase this imperfection as does Hillary Vanderosieren, became a mother recently : “I don’t know, but for the moment, at the present time, and this despite the fact that I have stretch marks, I will not do it. Will have to see after my second pregnancy. I don’t know… maybe I’ll do it, we’ll see. If it remains like that, it suits me.”

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