Jesta Hillmann thinned thanks to the containment : photo impressive result

The weight is THE topic that is of concern to all the moms after their delivery. After having devoted their bodies for nine months to their small wonder, many are dreading the time when it will be necessary to gain control. For Jesta Hillmann, this was a long-term work. And because, in the meantime his first child, Juliann, the former finalist of Koh-Lanta is not private and has taken not less than 28 kilos. A transformation that it has always been assumed, but remained no less grueling for this great sport.

If she has managed to shed 14 kilos in only a month after the birth of Juliann, Jesta was later to find his line before the pregnancy. And then, the containment has messed up his daily life. In fact, being locked up, the wife of Benedict Assadi has found all the time that he needed to take care of it. And its efforts have paid off as it now appears to be very thinned. Not little proud, Jesta has shared a before/after entering on Instagram Sunday, may 3, 2020. On the first shot, she is nine months pregnant, the belly ready to explode. On the other, she is with her son now age 9 month, wearing the same dress which will always delight. “9 months pregnant Vs 9 months of Juliann”, included in the caption. It is little to say that his transformation has amazed the users. “It is impressive what the human body is capable of doing. You’re beautiful”, “What is this that thou hast melted !!! Bravo!!!”, “Beautiful evolution”, one reads.

In the Face of his goal accomplished, Jesta has subsequently delivered its little secrets for getting to such a result. In the story, she explains : “I have received a lot of messages telling me that I had lost weight, so already thank you very much, I am glad. It will do two month that I started the athletic program of the top body challenge. It is a sports program, very complete to do at home. At the beginning, I didn’t think I was going to stay motivated, that I was going to take… So, yes, there is the confinement that necessarily I would like may be more, but I can tell you that I’m going to continue. It made me a lot of good, I am toned up, firmed up, remusclée…” And it shows !