Johnny Depp alcoholic and groaning : an audio recording of the disturbing

The ex-lovers still continue to wash their dirty linen in court. On July 8, 2020, the second day of his lawsuit against the tabloid English, The Sun, Johnny Depp has once again been called to testify in the face of his ex-wife Amber Heard, who is accused of domestic violence under the influence of alcohol and drugs. After having already released his long relationship with the drug, to the point of initiating his daughter Lily-Rose, or on the “delicate” story of poo that has pushed him to ask for the divorce of actress, actor, 57-year-old had to return to a violent argument allegedly broke out with Amber Heard on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles in may 2014.

After consuming the cocaine, whiskey, painkillers and champagne, Johnny Depp would have made to his wife, reproaching him for having slept with the actor James Franco on the set of Beyond the Lees, carried out at the same time. As reported by the Daily Mail, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean would have done in the “references and vulgar to the genitals” of his companion in front of the members of the crew, before putting him a slap in the face, knocking violently a seat and pass out on the floor. An attack that would be “born of the imagination” Amber Heard according to the actor : “I was screaming obscenities at Ms. Heard with my security guards, two drivers… A hostess ? I am not agree with your words.” However, during the trial, an audio recording allegedly made during the flight chaotic has suggested Johnny Depp, moaning and screaming in a funny way…

In the Face of the lawyer of the Sun, Johnny Depp explained : “I had been drinking alcohol before the flight, but I have not had this behavior… I was drawing sketches in my notebook.” For which of the so-called binding that would have kept Amber Heard with James Franco, he is said to have been worried after the actress calls her partner “weird and rapist potential” to the point of having to flee his advances during the filming of Beyond Lies : “She told me many things that were very negative on Mr. Franco, that he had tried to kiss her and made sexual advances on the set (…). I’ve suspected that Ms. Heard had a link with Mr. Franco, and it has since been confirmed that this was the case.”

To note that James Franco has already been the subject of accusations of sexual assault by two women in 2019. Charges he has denied. Amber Heard would also have prevented her husband to watch the romantic scenes of the film to avoid a “he lost the pedals”.

Vanessa Paradis called to the rescue ?

An SMS sent by the star to his friend, actor Paul Bettany, and read Tuesday in front of the court, is also meant to be damning : “I’m really going to stop this thing with the alcohol, my dear. I drank all night before they pick Amber to return to Los Angeles by plane last Sunday. It was ugly, dude. Eaten nothing for days. Of the powders. A half-bottle of whisky. A thousand Red bull vodkas, pills, two bottles of champagne on the plane and that is what you get ?” A slide presented during the trial, and produced in the home shared by the couple in 2013, showed a table on which were laid of whiskey, lines of cocaine, a drivers licence, a straw and a box of pills with a skull and the initials “JD”. A second picture showed the actor unconscious on the ground, all dressed near her bed, in a hotel room.

After only two days of trial, this arm of iron between Johnny Depp, The Sun and Amber Heard will be rich in plot twists and grisly stories… The ex-girlfriend of the actor, Vanessa Paradis, could be called to testify in his favour in the next few days. The singer and French actress has already acted in defense of the father of her two children in a first testimony.