Johnny Depp and Amber Heard : a history of poop in the origin of their divorce

The revelations are linked together ! Johnny Depp continues to the newspaper the Sun in justice for defamation. It does not accept that the british publication the drags in the mud for months, accusing him openly of having defeated Amber Heard and the dealing of the “monster” in every article. On Tuesday, 7 July 2020, the two former found themselves before the royal court of justice London for a fight. At the bar, the actor once again denied the allegations of domestic violence, and wished to make a few clarifications about the reasons of his break-up… and left to be offensive to some ears.

It was thought that Amber Heard had filled the divorce papers, may 23, 2016, for “differences irreconcilable”. A term referred to by most couples who want to put an end to their history in America. Except that, according to Johnny Depp, it is a small joke in bad taste that is at the origin of this separation : Amber Heard would be, in effect, “defecated on their marital bed for a laugh”. The actress “or” a friend” would be “probably responsible” for this act. If it evokes a “joke harmless”, the hero of Pirate of the Caribbean explains that this line of humor would have just ruined their marriage, pronounced the previous year, on February 3, 2015.

In regards to domestic violence of which he is accused, Johnny Depp did not budge : they would be “unhealthy and completely false”. During the first day of the trial, a video a little disturbing, however, has been broadcast, video in which we discover him drunk and threatening to Amber Heard. In this sequence, it is easy to recognize, in the process of manhandling the furniture of his kitchen before serving a glass of red wine and throw the bottle on the ground. “Is it that I have done something this morning ? I also do not believe, repeated it several times. I didn’t do anything this morning. You want to see something crazy ? I’ll give thee, madness !” Look to see what we reserve the result of this historic trial…