Johnny Depp : His laptop hacked for 14 years, Vanessa and Lily-Rose épiées

The facts date back to more than ten years, but Johnny Depp intends to settle its accounts. As reported by the american media The Blast may 12, 2020, the american actor has hired a new legal procedure against the group of press English News Group Newspapers, which owns the tabloid The Sun. The star says his phone was hacked between 1996 and 2010.

In his complaint, Johnny Depp, accuses the group of “multiple violations” of his privacy and misuse of personal information, including voice messages. Among the “disclosures illegal”, the star of Pirates of the Caribbean deplores the publication of information about his children, Lily-Rose and Jack (20 and 18), which he shares with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. The actor says that The Sun revealed the two pregnancies of his wife, in 1998 and then in 2002, claiming to hold this sensitive information with “friends”.

Later, the same tabloid has revealed details on the health problems faced by Lily-Rose : in 2007, the girl had been hospitalized for nine days for renal failure, from which it is then delivered with success. Seeing these personal information in the press, including the nature of the disease, the name of the hospital and the steps taken to enter and exit discreetly from the building, Johnny Depp said he felt “more than ever, angry and violated”. The actor of 56 years explains want to prosecute, not by financial motivation but by “principle” : it wants to “protect his family, to appeal to the justice for repairing the harm totally unjustifiable, which has not been fully recognized [by the company] in the past and discover the truth about what happened”.

This judicial procedure is in addition to the one that Johnny Depp has already started in the beginning of the year against this same group, after The Sun has called “a drummer of a woman” in an article published in 2018, referring to his divorce is tumultuous with actress Amber Heard.