Johnny Depp would have threatened to cut the face of Amber Heard with a bottle

Their fight verbal continues before the royal court of London. On Thursday 23 July 2020, Amber Heard returned to the helm of the defense witnesses. And she told a terrible episode of her romance with Johnny Depp – although he says that all this is false. According to the actress, her partner proved to be a unheard-of violence during a dispute which took place in 2015, just before their rupture. While he was one of the pillars of the saga ” Pirates of the Caribbean entitled The Revenge of Salazar, the interpreter of Jack Sparrow would have consumed a dangerous cocktail of cocaine and vodka and would become very aggressive.

He was so angry that he started hitting the walls

“He threatened me with a broken bottle that he was holding against my cheek, she explained. He told me he would have me decide the face. I recognize that from then on, I’ve probably pushed, or pushed back his arm. But after that, he was so angry that he started hitting the walls… he got hit, got hit, and it is there that he is swept away.” This episode is subject to debate. Johnny Depp, who was cut on the fingers during this dispute, says that it is Amber Heard who he would have thrown this bottle of vodka, wounding him in the passage. And not that he would be injured all alone in the attacking. It is a month after their marriage that “the episode of the finger” took place. He had indicated that he, at the time, he was stuck in the door…

Their mansion vandalized

Amber Heard has brought new details on the behavior supposed to be his example she explained that She would have ran away in their mansion, in Australia, and would have discovered there a show atrocious… Johnny Depp is being made before it. The actress would have found traces of blood as well as pieces of raw meat around a bit. One of her night gowns have been torn and soiled by these same foods. “When I opened the door, the last morning, there was also a kind of potato puree and the sauce spread out on the door, describe it. I remember that there was a bird in the house in which I was ice of fear. I imagine that it was entered by a broken window.”

Amber Heard has she been violent towards Johnny Depp ?

Johnny Depp continues to the newspaper the Sun in justice for defamation. The publication has always taken the defense of Amber Heard, and that is why she testified. If it is proven that the american actor was violent to her, he will not win his trial. Until now, the young woman has not recognized that a single squabble, during which she had actually hit his ex : in 2015, as he tried to push his sister to her, Whitney Hendriquez, in the stairs…