Johnson Righeira: “I am doing great…”, 35 years ago and sang “summer is ending”

With their smash hit “summer is ending”, the Righeira have inflamed the summers of the 80’s and not only. Still today it is one of the songs most popular in the history of Italian pop music, often sung by supporters of sports and with the text that has been renovated in “One day suddenly”. Difficult scordarne the tune, released for the first time 35 years ago, in 1985. Today the duo, consisting of Michael Righeira and Johnson Righeira meets face to face with the career behind him. Johnson spoke to a guest , “There is a time for…”, the program of Rai 1, conducted by Anna Falchi and Beppe Convertini.

Johnson Righeira guest to “There is time for…” on Bbc1

Connecting Skype with the study of Rai 1, Johnson Righeira tells of his quarantine spent away from the city, in a place more quiet of the countryside. For this time it will struggle to return to Turin. Anna Falchi asks the artist to sing live one of the motivetti most well-known of the duo, “Vamos to the playa”. Johnson Righeira opts instead for “summer is ending”, which, in 2020, the world will mark the 35 years. The 17 and 24 August of that year, she was at the top of the ranking of the songs most played in Italy:

I am doing great, as the years pass. Do you think that this year I celebrate not only 60 years, but also the 40 of career.

The origin of “summer is ending”

As the years pass, but the career and the success behind it are such that they are not to be carried away by the melancholy, to the turin group. In particular, for Johnson, that just a few days ago in an interview to has recounted the genesis of the song:

I don’t remember the exact moment in which I wrote, but I remember the period. We start from the assumption that my I’m quite sad, until now still is so. The song speaks of the inexorable passing time, the anguish of having to grow, all wrapped in a loving relationship obviously invented because at that time, I do not battevo nail.

Then, the artist was very young. The song interprets the shared feeling and always the actual of the summer that slips away, leaving space for what will come after:

I was twenty years old and I was still in high school, I was a multi-repeating. The summer passes coincides with the idea that the year is slipping away. I remember that I was on the tram number 3 in Turin, and I saw some seagulls in the city. It was just the end of the summer. I decided to talk about that vision in the piece, and I believe that still today is one of the most evocative images.