Judi Evans (The Mentalist, Days of Our Lives) was almost amputated legs !

It is a plot worthy of the soap Days of Our Lives in which it rotates since 1986 ! Actress Judi Evans is still hospitalized after being infected with the coronavirus. His state of health has deteriorated to the point that she almost lost both her legs.

Its representative took the floor in a press release sent to american media to give his news. “I talked to Judi on Sunday [June 7, NLDR] and it is still in the hospital. Already 23 days and continue to count the days. She contracted the Covid-19 to the hospital. The virus has caused blood clots, which are gone in her legs and she almost failed to be amputated of both legs two times. She had not yet that of the average symptoms, fever, muscle aches, a cough…” can it be read on Just Jared.

Judi Evans, who adds his name to the very long list of persons affected by the coronavirus worldwide since last march, however, retains the moral and seems to see the end of the tunnel. “And then, on top of that, when she went to the block for its operation on one of the two legs, they had forgotten to numb his leg… They were incised while she was fully conscious, without anaesthesia of this area ! In short, when I spoke with him Sunday, she was in a good state of mind and had found his sense of humor despite the turn of events. She told me that she appreciated all the prayers for her and that it helped her mentally, physically and spiritually ! She just wants to be negative when tested at Covid-19 before returning home and having the rest she needs !!!”, added the press release.

As a reminder, Judi Evans (55) has joined the show Days of Our Lives (days and lives) in 1986, where she has played Adrienne Johnson/Bonnie Lockhart. It was also able to see the time of a few episodes in the series The Mentalist where she had incarnated the senator Eillen Dawkins.