Julia Roberts and Danny Moder : kiss and malice for their 18 years of marriage

“Well gosh !” This is in essence the way in which we can translate the two very small words, contracted in a hashtag, “#heckyes”, as Julia Roberts was attached to a photo of her in the process of filing a kiss on the cheek of her husband, Danny Moder, Saturday, July 4, 2020, the day of their 18th wedding anniversary.

Unlike the trials and tribulations of the heart to the screen by superstar romcoms cults (Pretty Woman, Coup de foudre à Notting Hill, Just married or almost…), but also of his younger years enameled relationships ephemeral with many colleagues (Jason Patric, Liam Neeson, Kiefer Sutherland, Dylan McDermott or Matthew Perry), the actress, 52-year-old relishes the strength of her love story with Daniel Moder, 51 years old, born in 2000 on the set of the movie The Mexican… while the one and the other were already a couple by the way. Julia attended since 1998, the actor Benjamin Bratt, while the cameraman who had caught the eye was downright married ! A year later, Danny asked for the divorce to his wife, Vera Steimberg, and, as the case is being smoothly conducted, it was soon to remarry with the new woman of his heart in the months that followed, on 4 July 2002, in the ranch she owned in New Mexico. Cupid was right to force the gate : 20 years after the lightning strike, which has led to three children (twins Hazel and Phinnaeus, aged 15, and Henry, 12 years of age), the magic is still there !

“Every day, when he crosses the threshold of the door, it’s like a dream that repeats itself. I say to myself : “Ah, here he is again !””, confided also in 2017 Julia Roberts, with tenderness, in rare confidences made to People magazine. And, in 2018, she delivered on the tv show Extra some of the secrets of the couple that she forms with those she sees as a “brilliant human being” : the kisses and the fun ! The photo they have chosen for their 18 years of marriage, this selfie of a natural and simple, delectable, seems to be a perfect illustration. Heck yes ! That the dream continues to repeat for a long time yet…