Julie and christophe (loft story): the faces of their sons unveiled for the first time

Julie and christophe (loft story): the faces of their sons unveiled for the first time

It’s been 20 years since loft story was first broadcast on television. A first edition won by loana and christophe. To celebrate this anniversary, tmc released a documentary on April 7, baptized 20 years of reality: from the loft to secret story.

It was the opportunity for the winner and his wife julie to pass a great course. On April 26, 2001, M6 revolutionized the world of television by broadcasting loft story. Eleven singles agreed to be locked in a loft and filmed 24/7.

We remember without surprise the famous scene of the pool between Jean-Edouard and loana. But we also retain the beautiful idyllic between christophe mercy and the beautiful julia. The two candidates, both aged 24 at the time, got close under the public eye.

We put them together in the loft and they’re part of the beautiful story of the show. I think it’s the most beautiful story,” commented Angela lorente, the casting director of the program. And today they’re still in a couple.

Christophe and julie got married and had two children: matis (18 years old), and solan (10 years old). If so far, the viewers had never seen their faces, the former loft story candidates agreed to show it as part of the tmc documentary. The son of julie and christophe soon in a reality TV?

Interrogated by here, julie has entrusted herself to her beautiful love story with christophe. (…) after I’m not going to lie, we’re a couple like many, there’s been ups and downs. It helped us today to be always together because we’re benevolent to each other, we’re listening and we’re also letting everyone their share of freedom.”

She also agreed to talk about her eldest son, who, like many young people of her age, is following tele-reality programming.