Julien Guirado hospitalized in the midst of controversy : it comes out of the silence

It is a very difficult period that currently lives Julien Guirado. Separated from Navy El Himer for several weeks now, he would be violent towards her on several occasions. This is the brother of the young woman who has ratted on his temper, referring to gestures that “were not little slaps”. Since then, the Canvas is set on fire with his subject, and the candidate of reality tv is the victim of a true hard. In the end, he was hospitalised a few days ago, after a collapse during which he is “fallen steeply”.

Today restored, Julien Guirado was seized of his account Instagram to give its new, referring to then as “a little soft”. “I was a little depressed, because when you lose the woman you love in these circumstances, it’s never good,” he confided. He then continued by acknowledging all of her wrongs in this dark affair, with soft words to the attention of his example “In any case, this is not the fault of the Marine, even if they are stories that should remain private. But I’m not the victim, I am the cause and the consequence of a destructive relationship. There are no worries, I’m going to try and rebuild. I think it takes time, but we must get over, so I wish them the best, I wish the best. And I hope that this story will soon be behind us.”

To conclude, Julien Guirado explains, always wanting to pursue a psychological follow-up to try to calm his temper of fire. “I have become aware of certain things. It must be that I’m taking care of this impulsivity. The most terrible is that I lost the woman I love most in the world.” A click that it has unfortunately been a little too late…