Julien Lepers, 5 years after : justice refuses to 3.4 million euros

In December 2015, Julien Lepers were kicked out of Questions for a champion (France 3). In the process, the facilitator had attacked FremantleMedia, the production company of the show, and asked for 3.4 million euros as damages. Five years later, it seems that the council of prud’hommes of Paris had ruled adversely, as announced in our confreres of Paris, who obtained the judgment.

Then he had hoped for since his ouster on the television game show’s iconic general knowledge questions to get the compensation requested, Julien Lepers has been rejected by a large majority of its claims. However, the host of a 70-year-old, who was replaced by Samuel Etienne to the presentation of Questions for a champion, he got that FremantleMedia will pay him the balance of any account amounting to 800 000 euro. An amount equal to his compensation for dismissal calculated on monthly salary of 39 907 euros over 28 years of collaboration.

Julien Lepers “will win the second round”

But it is still far short of the 3 434 698 euros initially expected… The court refused to allow him to be paid 1.4 million euros for “discrimination because of age”. It will not charge either the 480 000 euros asked to compensate “the brutal and vexatious in which was held the dismissal”, nor € 500,000 expected to harm image. Julien Lepers had felt that his name had been “sullied” in “a magazine”.

In the Face of this decision, Julien Lepers has decided to appeal, as stated by his lawyer Pierre-Olivier Lambert in Paris. “My client has obtained the minimum. While not wanting to assign amounts too large, the council of prud’hommes was not very brave. But we will win the second round, he assured. We have all the elements to prove that you can not dismiss a person because it is felt that it has become old-fashioned.”

For its part, the facilitator “does not wish to speak on that belongs to [his] private life”. Finally, FremantleMedia did not want to comment.