Justin Bieber and his adult acne : how it tries to hide its buttons

Confined to Canada together, Hailey and Justin Bieber are much closer to each other. Maybe even a little too much ? The beautiful has taken advantage of these long days to be unoccupied for a spa treatment to her husband, by taking to combat her acne. A problem that the dummy was faced with starting to take birth control.

“In fact, last year, I started to develop adult acne because of my iud, because I’ve never taken a pill before, so my hormones were disrupted. For me, it was mostly on my forehead, it was of little reasons,” explained Hailey Bieber. His may Justin has had the same problem. “I’ve always believed, when I started having acne a few years ago – that it would worsen if I was super stressed, but never that it would. But now it comes by periods, and it is boomy, and it does not want to leave”, he lamented.

Justin Bieber said that these acne flare-ups, the “disturb”. So he had to find a solution to hide a part : wear a hat to hide his forehead. “I wear a lot more hats, which only makes it worse, but hey, who likes acne ? This is the worst thing,” continued the singer, while his wife applies the cream on the face.

The opportunity for the interpreter to Yummy to pass a strong message. “This is the worst thing for self-confidence because, especially with all the filters Instagram, people seem to have perfect skin and it is believed that this is the reality. But true, a lot of them probably have a skin problems”, he added.

This is not the first time that Hailey Bieber takes care of the skin of her man. She bore her buttons, applied serums and masks, as she showed in a previous episode. His adult acne one of the consequences of a bout of mononucleosis, contracted when he was already suffering from Lyme disease, two years ago.