Justin (Married at first sight) romantic : its beautiful application to Tiffany

Tuesday 5 may 2020 is a special day for Justin and Tiffany. Two years ago, the two candidates of the first season of Married at first sight (M6) united in front of their loved ones. At the time, the beautiful brunette was pregnant with their first child, Romy (soon to be 2 years). An unforgettable moment that the sports teacher wishes to renew.

This morning, Justin has unveiled a photo of his wedding with Tiffany. And he is also the proud father of Zélie (4 months) has not failed to make him a beautiful statement in this beautiful day. “Two years and I have the impression that it was yesterday ! Two years and two children ! (…) I almost forgot about our lives together. But that is how it all began. US today is we 4, the G-family, the 4G-the family, the happyfamily, the Justonefamily, the most beautiful family in my eyes. Since we have our two princesses I can not imagine ourselves without”, he began to write. He then explained that the date of 5 may will remain engraved forever in his memory as the day was perfect “at all levels”. Exceptional weather, friends together, beautiful setting… It would not have been able to imagine better.

“In summary, the most beautiful days of our lives without children. This is why the may 5, 2028, I would like recélébrer this day at the same place with the same individuals (or almost), but with our two princesses. I would like them to live this day also, it would be magical… not you ? In fact, it is a wish, but also a request, so that we dream together in this beautiful castle,” said Justin. A request that Tiffany could not refuse.

To recall, Justin and Tiffany thought to marry, respectively, with Thomas and Valentine, thanks to Married at first sight. But each of these relationships has been a failure. And they are finally fallen into the arms of one another and since they are in love like the first day.