Justine mattera is 50 years old: Look how it changed over the years. photos and videos

Justine mattera is 50 years old: Look how it changed over the years. photos and videos

If it wasn’t for the two teenage children… and for her (second) husband‘s friendsJustine rolling is 50 years old and you wouldn’t say at all. Already, because the showgirl born in New York on May 7, 1971 continues to show off her physique from screaming. – read | foto | videothe debuts on TV – justine mattera was the perfect sosy of marilyn monroe.

So he made it known to the Italian public Paul limits, which also became his first husband in 2000 (and marriage was only two years later). But, as she herself tells, it was nothing less than fried fabritigue to tell her that she could not dress like marilyn for the whole life. Paolo limits, precisely, and the current husband fabrizio cassata.

From which he also had his two sons, vincent, who is now 13 years old, and vivienne who is 11 years old. But there is also a third love, the triathlon, to which justine devotes herself soul and (especially) body (video interview). That also allows her to show off her physicist from screaming… often without veils.

Justine mattera, but what kind of shoes is put? Look to believe – read | foto | videoforbidden photos and jealous husband – already, because justine rolling doesn’t have many inhibitors on social media. “Sometimes they tell me that I’m gonna give a hunch to turn at 20, but it’s stupid.

At my age, you can’t give a thread to twist to a twenty-year-old,” she screens with vanity fair. However, I can look for the right light and, until it falls to me, I will continue to take pictures. My husband can believe it if he wants, but the accounts are mine and I’m free to publish what I want.

Also because teenage children look at what the mother does. In real life, but also on social…justine mattera copy the forbidden shots of doveri martin – lookToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION