Kaaris caillassé in Cannes : the video of his flight on board a yacht

Kaaris has not received a very warm reception on the part of some to Cannes. A Twitter account has unveiled several videos of Kaaris seeming to take flight aboard a yacht, on one of the ports of Cannes. The videos have been broadcast in the first place, by a user of Snapchat named Kosay. Riddled insults, caillassé, the artist was ordered to leave under threats of a dozen people, organized on the port.

“This is our home here. (…) Well come back”, can we hear from the clan in cannes, so that this small yacht stops for a time, and then back to the wide. We then see images of a black Mercedes belonging visibly to the rapper, striped on the front, clearly parked on the port. The young in Cannes, which films the images takes very good care of filming his license plate, registered in 93. Kaaris – like many other French rappers – is a native of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis).

As you can read on Twitter, Kaaris would have had a collision with a car with a driver for meals at home, in the streets of Cannes. The rapper would have been violent with this forty-something woman, who would be the father of a family. When the incident occurred, several young people of the district would be here to do so leave the city to Kaaris. This would, therefore, finally arrived.

On social networks, the images of the leak of the rapper are all the rage. Kaaris has not yet reacted, but he said he was going on vacation to the sea in the family, by posting a photo of his daughter, Okou Brooklyn Amra, at the edge of the water.