Kane Brown is lost in the park-the garden house, found by the police

Kane Brown, the super star of country music, has lost in the park-the garden of the house and was saved only by the arrival of the police. Thus put, the news is very laugh, but it is in fact what happened to the singer who, in shorts and a t-shirt, warn the wife that it would come out to see the private park of their new home of Nashville, capital of Tennessee. Other that home, a veritable “mansion” is a luxurious and surrounded by greenery, is in a property of 30 acres, 12 hectares, and so, a lot of free land. So, Kane Brown decides to explore its immense estate in the company of a friend and his girlfriend.

The three were lost after thirty minutes

After entering in the property, the three realize they have been literally lost. It is the same Kane Brown to explain everything on Facebook: “around thirty minutes became three hours, then it started to rain, he made dark and the temperature dropped to 4 degrees.” The phone had left him in the car while his friend was at the 7 percent charge. It was enough to ask for help from a friend who lives in the area, and cannot find them thanks to the gps. However, when these arrive, do not manage to get out.

The arrival of the friends complicates things, saved by the police

Three people lost five, but what seems to be the beginning of a horror story resolves with the most classic shots of the scene: a call to the police. After you dial 911, the number for emergencies, are finally reached and made to exit from the “dark forest”. A story to tell, certainly, maybe with a little bit of irony because it doesn’t happen, of course, all the days of get lost in the “garden”, even if these is actually a park of 30 acres (12 hectares, or 120 thousand square metres).