Kanye West : Kim begs him to stop his campaign, he made the caught for cheating

Kim Kardashian wants Kanye West stops his presidential race. During his lightning visit in Wyoming – where she had a heated discussion with her husband, the future lawyer asked him to abandon his campaign and “focus on his mental health”. Last week, she had still taken his defence, explaining that his bipolar disorder took away anything to his genius, nor his ambition.

“Kim has urged Kanye to not continue his run for the presidency, but he doesn’t want to listen,” said a source to People, the 29 July 2020. In fact, on Monday – the same day that Kim was at the ranch, transformed into the HQ of campaign -his team has tried to make qualifying as an independent candidate in the Missouri and New Jersey, filling out the documents well after the recommended dates.

In addition, it is not as if Ye had done things in the rules. As explained in the Daily Mail, Mr. Scott Salmon, responsible for controlling the proper conduct of the presidential election, has reported an anomaly in the file of Kanye West in New Jersey. He explained there have found more than 600 signatures, “almost identical”, incomplete, “written with the same handwriting and with incorrect addresses. Our colleagues publish in the passage of the scans of the folder, which leave little room for doubt : Kanye is a dirty cheater.

The irony in all this is that it only required 800 signatures to file its brief. Kanye has supplied 1327, half of which are suspected to be false. An excess of confidence ?

Despite rumors of abandonment and cheating, very bad in the polls, a opinion problematic on abortion, Kanye West believes hard as iron that he could become president of the United States in November next. Saturday, the artist, 43-year-old tweeted in capital letters : “I can beat Joe Biden,” former vice-president of the country under the era of Barack Obama.

Rather than focusing on this campaign, or their possible divorce, Kim Kardashian is back in Los Angeles to care for his children. As she showed on Instagram, the mother of the family received the visit of his niece, True (2 and a half years), daughter of his sister Khloé Kardashian. On a photo published on Instagram, you’ll see that she is very girlfriend with a certain Psalm, his cousin. “These two are best friends ! True and Psalm”, a légendé Kim.