Karine Le Marchand : “My skin color has been in question in France 5”

While the whole world is in revolt against racism with the movement #BlackLivesMatter, Karine Le Marchand has been invited to share her experience and her journey as a black woman in the French media. Invited on the set of C à vous on 5 June 2020, the facilitator fetish Love is in the meadow has confided that her skin color has almost cost him his position as a facilitator in the program, The Nursery on France 5.

We asked the question about my skin color

While it was bidding for the job, the ex Joeystarr had learned that the producers of the show hesitated to hire her because she was black. “We asked the question about my skin color in France 5 before I was offered the position of Kindergarten. I knew after they were posed the question of whether it was not segmenting, but they said no and they have taken me for the job,” she explained, still a little shocked by this experience.

Statements that occur just a few weeks after that the facilitator has been criticised on the social networks as a result of a publication being sarcastic on Franck Ribery. The facilitator, the 51-year-old was not embarrassed to laugh openly in the face but also of the French footballer on Instagram. A publication which had generated strong reactions on social networks, including some violent against Karine. It was then published messages received, indicating to be a victim of “threats” and”insults of a racist and misogynist individuals pseudonymisés”. On his side, Franck Ribery has indicated its willingness to bring the case to court for “insulting the public.”

During the same broadcast, the host of the Love is in the meadow has not failed to address the plight of the farmers, as it is located next to near to for many years now. “It’s very good that we impose standards, what you are trying to eat more healthily than before, and that one tries to ban pesticides… of Course, I’m out for. But we can’t ask farmers to come to the plough, while they know that the bosses of agri-food industries depart in private jet holidays”, does it include tempêtée, disgusted by “the agribashing”. With such passion that Jean-Michel Aphatie him to be left with the ministry of Agriculture in a future government!!! “I don’t think I’d be in my place… for the time being in any case”, objected to Karine Le Marchand. And to add with piquancy : “I think that my sense of diplomacy has not escaped person.”