Karla Souza (How to Get Away With Murder) has given birth and has her baby

The family How to Get Away With Murder is getting bigger ! One of the heroines of the series has given birth, giving birth to her second child. Karla Souza announces the happy news to his fans and shows them her adorable baby.

The info was first announced by People. Exclusive Photo to the support, the u.s. site reveals that Karla Souza and her husband Marshall Trenkmann have welcomed their second child. The new-born is a little boy named Luka Olivares. At his coming into the world, he weighed in at about 3.3 kg (7 pounds and 4 ounces in units anglophones).

“Luka has been welcomed home by his big sister 2 years old, Gianna, who is already busy to teach him the lyrics of the song “Poco Loco in the movie Coco”, told the actress and mother of 34 years to People.

Karla Souza had kept her pregnancy secret until may 27. The interpreter of the character Laurel Castillo in How to Get Away With Murder was published on Instagram a photo of her eldest daughter, and she, dressed in a T-shirt covering her belly already very round.

Always on the social networks, it has confirmed the birth of his son and turned to his nearly 4 million followers : “Thank you @people helped me to share our joy with the world. (…) There is so much sadness and injustice in the world, and being a mother, I wonder what world my children will grow up. Look Luka in the eyes and see the Gianna to become a big sister bring me so much hope and willingness to participate in the change. Welcome to the world, Luka”.