Keen’v injured by the failure of his tour: “I could have ended at the end of a rope very easily”

Keen'v injured by the failure of his tour:

Those who have already fallen on his creations know him: keen’v cartonne on tiktok. With his humorous little videos, the interpreter of nothing that once knew (re) to open a public. To give a second breath to his career completed on a cancelled tour, for lack of spectators.

In an interview with Paris on Friday, May 7, 2021, keen’v is on his brand new album. “For me, there is a keen’v who died in 2020 and another one coming. With this new album dreaming, it is the beginning of a new cycle,” he says.

One feels a willingness to do better, to never revive this lack of popularity. Like them, I’m a summer singer. I am ready to come and spoil the season of those who criticize me,” he warns, only a few weeks from the summer solstice.

Keen’v knows what the pain is to have to cancel a whole tour because of the lack of fans. Very saddened by this failure, he tries to do everything to create the conditions of his success and never revive it again. “to be honest, I could have ended up at the end of a rope very easily.

I’m depressed in nature and this failure has taken away my reason to live. With all the hate I’ve been through the networks, these detractors have built a kind of monster. Turned ridiculous after the decay of his aborted tour, keen’v promised to never live again: “It really kicked me out of the mood, I don’t want to take one of them again… if I’m given four times less, I’ll go sing anyway.