Kelly Helard pregnant Neymar : the containment has all toggles (EXCLUDED)

From August 17, 2020, TFX will issue new Moms & famous. Of shows recorded before the confinement. On this occasion, Purepeople spoke with Kelly Helard (29 years old), one of the participants. The former candidate des Ch’tis or Angels spoke of her relationship with Neymar (31 years old) and her second child to come. In fact, for those who have missed, the mother of Lyam (4 years) is pregnant.

What will we discover during this new season of Moms & Famous ?

We found ourselves as a family. And with Neymar, we are going to try to rebuild as a couple. We really pay attention to what Lyam is not thwarted by our reunion. This season, we did call in the love coach Lucia Mariotti [which helps the candidates to The Villa of broken hearts, ED]. We will try to spend time together without our son, what we had never done. Lucy has managed to make us cry all the two and to make us aware of certain things. It was intense.

How to Lyam he experienced this reconciliation between Neymar and you ?

At the beginning, he was very jealous of his dad, but today he is very happy. We don’t actually drooling. He just had to understand that his bed was his bed, that there should be more that he will sleep with me and that we had to have our moment-to-two with Neymar from time to time. It is a little boy really nice.

During season 2 of Moms & Famous, Neymar explained that he wanted to take his time for the second baby. That is what has made him change his mind ?

The containment. We never told off. We found all three and we were accomplices. It is he who has asked me to start trying to have another child. I wanted to fall pregnant after the holidays, but I was told that it would take time. Finally, I got pregnant directly (laughter). I was shocked that it happens so fast, but super happy because it was a baby wanted.

How have you announced this new pregnancy ?

I have not played the card of surprise, I don’t know how to make the women who keep the time to come up with an idea to announce it. Hardly I had done the test that I was in front of him to tell him.

How your son lives-he the next arrival of this new baby ?

At the beginning he did not understand too much, you’ll see in the show because it was announced during the filming, so it was a bit complicated. Now, he is very caring towards me and the baby. For example at the beach he happens to tell people to be careful because I’m pregnant. Or if my mom tells me that I’m roly-poly, he told him that he must not say it. It is a serious protector. Every day he comes to speak to the baby. He waits.

He afraid to be put to the side ?

Not at all. It is said that it is him the big brother, that he should help us when it will be there. It empowers a lot. And coming back from maternity leave, I will return with a gift for Lyam, saying that the baby came with. I know that when the baby gets here, it will be a little more complicated because Neymar and I will be with the baby. But we will really try to pay attention.

What are your plans ?

Basically, we wanted to go on vacation for two with Neymar. But it is a bit missed with the baby on the way. For the birthday of Neymar, I had planned to go to Marrakech. We wanted to make a hot air balloon flight or a survival stage. There it’s going to be complicated. We will find a house and move. We want to buy in the paris region. I would have wanted to go abroad but Neymar is very family and he has his work here.

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