Kev adams took weight “extremely fast”: “I still have trouble with my image”

Kev adams took weight

It’s not uncommon to hear actors entrusting that they don’t like to see each other on the screen. Obviously, kev adams is one of them. In a new interview “the post world,” granted to the gala magazine of April 22, 2021, the humorist revealed his “small unbelievable secret” to nikos aliagas.

I still have trouble with my image. I never really liked to look at me,” said the young actor, who is about to celebrate his 30th birthday. Kev adams appreciates all the less its reflection that it is “difform with small eyes”: “it is very particular the image that we have of ourselves sometimes.

The health crisis could well have complicated the relationship that the actor has with his body since he has told him that he could “gross extremely fast.” A weight gain visibly linked to the containment, and that he had already deplored his instagram account last March with derision: “What can one help me find this guy?