Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the brink of divorce : he refuses to see it

In the craziness of everything that was tweeted Kanye West during an episode of bipolar, there was a part of truth. As the learned on July 24, 2020, the rapper refuses now to see his wife and rejecting his calls and plans to come and see it in their ranch in Wyoming.

Sources close to the couple tell Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have only briefly spoken to since the meeting of the artist in South Carolina, supposed to launch his run for the presidency of the United States, on the 19th of July last.

Our american friends say that Kim has tried several times to discuss with Kanye, in particular, to discuss his mental health is fragile, but it would not be “receptive”. Citing their anonymous sources, said the mother of this family tried to join him at the ranch by plane on two occasions without success. Kanye refuses now to answer his calls and see.

Adultery at the heart of their estrangement ?

One can imagine that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a lot of things to say. They should, moreover, explain the history of deception. During one of his restless nights on Twitter, Ye let go of that Kim had cheated with the rapper Meek Mill. He said he wanted a divorce from this event.
Kanye has also said a lot of nasty things about the family Kardashian, including the fact that his life would have inspired the film Get out, where a black man be zapping by a white family, namely her husband’s family. It was also forbidden to Kris Jenner that “booke of shooting Playboy for his children” to approach North (7 years), Holy (4 years), Chicago (2 and a half years) and Psalm (1 year and a half).

Kim Kardashian would be worried about the mental state of her husband from the beginning of the month of July. While traveling in the dominican Republic, the future lawyer has taken a jet to join him, sensing that something wasn’t right. After Kim had to leave Kanye to return with his children and, after that, the rapper has held its first meeting and has started to refuse to talk to his wife.

In a long statement posted on social networks, Kim Kardashian had yet defended her husband, breaking the taboo around mental health problems.