Koh-Lanta 2020 : Regis and Eric eliminated before the final, Claude amazing !

This Friday, may 22, 2020, Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes starts again on TF1. And the least we can say is that this episode promises ! Tonight, the gates of the final, not one, but two candidates will leave the adventure and join Jessica, the last eliminated in date. Summary of this crazy evening hosted by Denis Brogniart.

Immunity challenge playoff

Last week, the seven candidates still in contention have played a test of comfort. Naoil had emerged the winner, and had allowed her friend Inès enjoy, with it, a night of dreams in a villa by the sea. But this is not all : the two adventurous have had the opportunity to share a dinner and each had the right to video call their relatives. What do perk up for the event to come !

Moussa, Claude, Régis, Alexandra, Eric, Naoil and Inez find themselves in front of Denis Brogniart to compete in the ultimate test of immunity to this edition. The winner earned his ticket to the final, while the candidate that comes last will be eliminated on-the-field ! This time, the physical strength no longer. To win this competition, candidates have the mission to align thirty pieces of dominoes on a beam of 3 cm thickness. To gain access to this beam, they must pass through a grid connected. As well, if they move during their advance, the beam moves and the dominoes fall. Will be declared the winner the applicant who will have been able to position its thirty dominoes and make them fall the last piece in a basket.

It is with a pressure monster that adventurers embarking on this latest immunity challenge. While Moussa and Governed, seem to be well on the way, Claude has been falling in many of his dominoes. Eric is also dropping its parts and must start afresh. Ditto for Inès… Finally, after several attempts, it is Claude who finishes first ! It is the fourth victory of the candidate in the immunity challenge since reunification, in an amazing performance to cheer.

Regis arrives in second position, followed by Moussa. The leading trio is joined by Inès at the end of two hours of the event. Alexandra, Eric and Naoil now play their place in the game. Alexandra is rescued, she has succeeded ! Very quickly, Naoil manages to place her domino in the basket. Remains then Eric removed the gates from the finish… He leaves the game on-the-field, as expected, and joins the residence of the final jury.

Claude almighty

By winning the immunity challenge, Claude is untouchable to the council. But it would have been the same without winning the game, because it is in possession ofan immunity necklace that had left him Teheiura at his disposal. Finally, the adventurer is entitled toa double vote, as he has inherited the one of Jessica with her departure.

While the ex-yellow progressed serenely in the group since the reunification, Claude comes to upset their plans. Tonight, one of them will be eliminated. If facing the camera, the adventurer extraordinaire as he assures her he will not surrender his immunity necklace, he leaves, however, hear his comrades that this could be an option…

This new configuration of the game calls into question the entire strategy of the ex-yellow. Naoil intends to vote against the Governed, according to her, the last to arrive of the alliance. Inès is not very comfortable with the idea of betraying his comrade. And if Claude gave his immunity necklace to be Governed ? And if gary got together with Claude, to eliminate one of them ? The ex-yellow fall asleep on these questions.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror…

In the morning, the six candidates have a right to a little surprise : a mirror is available to them, on the sand. The opportunity for them to discover their new look with many pounds lighter after more than a month of adventure. Regis is surprised by his beard which has grown during the game, like Claude, and Moussa believes to be the one who has the most lost weight.

On the balance, Alexandra bed 43 pounds, so she lost 16 pounds ! For its part, Inès has gone from 57 kilos to 45 kilos ! Weight loss is non-negligible for the young woman ! Naoil now weighs 54 kilos, Moussa 85 kilos, Governed 54 kilos. The latter has lost nearly 18 kilos !

Strategies and board

Before the council, Ines is engaged to his friend Regis. She confesses to him not wanting to vote against him, but rather against Alexandra. A strategic choice since the young nurse of 25 years, sees her friend as “a machine” on the trials and wants to put all the chances on his side. Régis is planning to vote for him as against Alexandra. Facing the camera, he explains that Musa has assured him that he would not have his name on the ballot. Remains to be seen if he will speak. A beautiful spectacle for Claude who is the only one to be untouchable…

The last time the board’s elimination of the adventure has arrived. Each vote in his soul and conscience. And at the time of the examination, ballots to names Governed by and Alexandra accumulate… Finally, the two votes of Claude who made the difference, it is Governed, which is removed at the doors of the final !

Denis Brogniart off the torch to the adventurer who finds himself “very disappointed and very surprised”. In effect, Regis says he has thought, be saved tonight. Claude himself would have ensured that he would not vote against him. A reversal of the situation ! The hero is registered in the name of Régis on both ballots. A nice lesson for the eliminated who had, on two occasions, played Jessica and Teheiura, allies of Claude. The adventurer is immune to it makes it so simply in his own coin. “I played, I got burned,” says with bitterness Governed.