Koh-Lanta 2021: vincent and laëtitia eliminated despite an immunity necklace, explosive advice!

Koh-Lanta 2021: vincent and laëtitia eliminated despite an immunity necklace, explosive advice!

In Koh-Lanta, the secret weapons, everything is chamboated! But the episode of this Friday, May 7, 2021 leaves him all his chances to go further. Comfort gameafter the explosive advice of the day before, all feel lighter.

Except thomas. The heavyweight driver has tears in the eyes and has a lot of difficulty accepting the departure of his myriam acolyte. He doesn’t want to hear more about vincent, lucie and laëtitia.

Denis brogniart made a great announcement to the ten adventurers still in the lap: the next two trials are playing in pairs! To the council also, the eliminated candidate leads his comrade to his fall. The draw has spoken, here are the binomes:- flavio and laure- thomas and maxin- jonathan and magali- arnaud and lucie- vincent and laëtitiaTeams do, play.

The adventurers must hold as long as possible in the position of the koala, in duo, on vertical logs placed in the middle of the ocean. As long as an adventurer falls, it’s the binome that loses the test. The reward makes you want: what to prepare a superb meal in a beautiful kitchen.

Magali has a lot of trouble, but jonathan is a good coach. Jonathan and magali, who came second, left with them! Bologna pasta, salad composed for dinner and fruit, chocolate, orange juice, bread at breakfast, after a nice night.

Losers come back to the camp and thomas clearly shows his desire to eliminate laëtitia and came by revenge. Laëtitia finds a secret weapon: an immunity necklace to be used on the next board! Immunity TestIt is one of the big turning points for each binome: the immunity test.

Each group of two has a double flip board with a metal rail on which is positioned a diabolo. The other on the right side must place the bamboo on the receptacle next to the diabolo. But be careful: if the duo moves too much, the diabollo falls and it must be replaced!

Lucie and arnaud as well as jonathan and magali are at the elbow. Back to the camp, they all try to look for an immunity necklace. Laëtitia decides to reveal her secret to vincent.

A majority of voices are heading towards laëtitia and vincent. But if they have a necklace, it’s her and thomas that jump. However, laëtitia and vincent play their game: it is impossible to guess that they have a magical jewel.

Maxine is worried and then looking for a necklace, she too. The champion falls on a clue to find a secret weapon. Vincent understands that she’s looking for something and keeping her eye on.

But lurking managed to escape him and found his secret weapon. It is the black bracelet, which allows it to steal a comrade’s immunity necklace after it was played. It can then play it to protect itself or give it to another adventurer to be protected.

Then, before the stripping, vincent and laëtitia come out their immunity necklace, thinking they’re protected. Lucie comes out her black bracelet and gives the laëtitia immunity necklace and vincent to maxine. Vincent gathers eight votes against him, thomas count one, magali has two.

So it’s vincent that’s eliminated. He leaves his black vote in flavio, which will vote twice on the next board.