Koh-Lanta: an ex-candidate helps a footballer’s wife to give birth, the incredible adventure!

Koh-Lanta: an ex-candidate helps a footballer's wife to give birth, the incredible adventure!

One of the stars in the tf1 game has just lived a very exciting experience. Indeed, marylou sidibé, revealed in Koh-Lanta Malaysia in 2012 and also known as the companion of the French international and tottenham molssa sissoko player, has just helped another footballer woman to give birth to her baby. Marylou sidibé (Koh-Lanta) “birth partner” of a football womanIt’s an incredible adventure to which marylou sidibé herself has trouble believing!

I said, ‘ah, I have a little time for myself, I’m going to look married first. She goes to the hospital portland of london, where meghan markle also gave birth. “tomorrow, we go to war, it’s combat,” she drops in her friend’s room whose identity had not been revealed at that time.

“the comfort test before the pole test”, ironizes the mother of the little maliya (2 years.) Happy daddy of a little boyFinally, after several perpetias, the soccer woman gave birth to her baby. During the work, marylou sidibé was of unwavering support and even “regarded down, while the midwife said not to do it”.

It is a worm-shaped diallo, the wife of disembarked papiss, Senegalese international moving to the position of attacker at the fenerbahçe sk. Impossible to travel in time and time from the turquie to the angleterre, where her wife obviously remained alive. The 30 years of the young mother fall two days after her baby arrives.

Who is a little boy named Imran-Oumar, as seen on the decoration balls of the event. Congratulations to disembarked papiss and awa diallo cissé for the arrival of their baby.