Koh-Lanta : Denis Brogniart tease the finale and the next season that will stir

“Wayéyéyé wayéyéyéwaa…” Each Friday, fans of Koh-Lanta eagerly await the generic issue, a harbinger of events merciless strategies with or without scruples and regulations of the accounts. This vintage 2020 passionate about, in particular thanks to the betrayals and eliminations unexpected. The Parisian has, therefore, contacted the presenter Denis Brogniart, in order to discuss this issue, as well as the following that promises to be spectacular.

The presenter of 52 years, the promises, the episode aired this Friday, may 8, will still be “hot”. The elimination of Teheiura and Charlotte has “left traces”, the strategies should, therefore, be even more present than ever. For the time being, Denis Brogniart is not yet known when the final will take place. “But it will be without audience, or the confetti, or the candidates who are kissing each other. It keeps the hope of having the adventurers plateau, Paris, in the respect of the gestures barriers. If it could be the feast of the déconfinement, this would be a nice victory against the virus,” he said.

What is certain is that viewers will have the right to a new season epic. The filming of the next edition is already in the box and waiting to be mounted. And, according to Denis Brogniart, the public did not expect at all what it is going to happen : “I can tell you that it will still stir in the cottages ! Its boot will be never-before-seen in Koh-Lanta. The candidates have been turned upside down. Some viewers will swallow may-be a piece of pizza through watching…” For this new edition, the production did not again call upon the hero, because “do the same thing does not create the surprise.” So we can expect several new features. Strongly !