Ladji robbed and ruined: “One day I woke up and there was nothing”

Ladji robbed and ruined:

Ladji is a champion in his discipline. The 38-year-old athlete, who specializes in the 110-metre hedge, received the title of World Champion in 2005, making a name in the middle. Like many athletes, his performances and experiences allowed him to earn money, a lot of money.

But as he revealed in an interview for vice tv, he found himself ruined overnight. On April 27, the facebook page of the media unveiled an excerpt from the interview of the contested ladji. The unhappy finalist of dance with the stars 10 (in 2019) comes back on a painful moment of his life.

I trusted too much,” he explained first. And to go back a little more in the details: “I worked with people who were there to manage my property, my money. (…) and one day I woke up and there was nothing.

And I wanted it because I trusted it while my father said to me, ‘Don’t trust people.’ And the twelve years I won a lot of money, one day there was no more and that hurts.” Touched, ladji doucouré explained that he lives with this trial, but that he does everything to put it in a corner of his head so that he does not think too much.

He had his parents benefit from his gains and the rest was put to the bank. But he found himself without anything because he trusted the wrong people, the people he met when he took his apartment.