Lady gaga choc: “a producer surprised me and got pregnant at 19 years old”

Lady gaga choc:

Abuses, pregnancy fruit of violence, self-harm: the most transformist of the dives is told, among the tears, in the series of oprah winfrey and harry of England “The me you Can’t See”lady Gaga tells her dramas: abuse, pregnancy fruit of violence, self-harm. Was raped by a producer and discharged pregnant on the street after months of abuse. The most transformist of the dives reveals his past choc – photos yesterday and today | video | all the videoslady gaga becomes lady gucci: peeks the armored set of milan – lookthe abuse of the producer – “I was raped repeatedly when I was 19 years old.

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder since then as a consequence of what happened and not having metabolized it”, he had already told Germanotta stefani, in lady gaga art. Never before had he told in detail what happened. “A producer told me: get your clothes off.

I told him no and I left,” says Lady Gaga in the first episode of the apple tv docu-series that addresses the themes of mental health. And they didn’t stop, they didn’t stop asking me, and I was paralyzed and… Lady Gaga, a career of transgression.

– read | foto | video“ABBANDONATA per STRADA” – years later, the psychological collapse and episodes of self-harm: “I felt pain, then nothing, so I was sick for weeks. Lady gaga undresses on the red carpet of the met Gala… – lookToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION