Laeticia Hallyday in Italy with Pascal Balland ? Pretty tourist to Florence…

The getaway Laeticia Hallyday continues and has led her to Florence, after a stop in Pisa.

Sunday, June 28, 2020, the mother of Jade (15 years old) and Joy (11 years old) has shared new photos of his trip in Italy with 455 000 people who follow on Instagram. It is this time unveiled in the capital of Tuscany, which has not yet found its crowd of tourists in spite of the déconfinement. Laeticia Hallyday visited the unmissable Uffizi museum and enjoyed the beautiful Birth of Venus by Botticelli, she has wandered in peace through the long empty corridors. Laeticia Hallyday was also photographed in front of the basilica of Santa Croce. So many pretty discoveries she has made in a beautiful red dress, naked shoulders, a look she chose to complete with a hat. Her long blonde hair was alternately released and pulled back into a braid.

On all of these new photos, the widow of Johnny Hallyday was unveiled only, but who took them ? Her companion Pascal Balland it just find ? We know that lovers especially appreciate Italy. One remembers that the couple had travelled to Venice in November… At this time, for this digression romantic, with her sweet, Pascal Balland had chosen a palace dating back to 1475, at the edge of the Grand Canal. And we also know that he likes the Italian cuisine, since he is the owner of two pizzeria of luxury in Paris, Marzo, in the 7th and 16th arrondissements.

After this weekend nice to meet you, Laeticia, returned to Paris to finalize the transactions with Laura Smet et David Hallyday and finally turn permanently to the page of the heavy folder on the legacy.

On the occasion of their reunion after a too long separation, Laeticia Hallyday and Pascal Balland were displayed together, crossing a large cape since the beginning of their love story there are now almost a year. They were shown kissing on Instagram with masks, a kiss special “Covid Love”.

Arrival at Paris on the 18th of June with Jade and Joy, Laeticia Hallyday benefits not only of this great return to spend a lot of time with her lover. It has also reviewed a person who is very dear to it, and she considers her “brother” to heart, the prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy. Happy and radiant, Laeticia was filmed with the husband of actress Clotilde Courau in her car and had made a nice statement : “Happy birthday to my favorite brother from another mother and an incredible friend and confidant, you are a love in our lives. @efdsavoia you are the perfect gentleman in every sense of the term. We so admire. Love to the gang SavoiaHallyday.”

On his side, Jade Hallyday also benefits the most of this stay in France to find his BFF, which, a charming young man of whom she is very close.