Laeticia Hallyday is a old video full of love with Jade

The moms were in the spotlight on Sunday, 7 June 2020 in France with the Mothers day. On this occasion, Laeticia Hallyday was held to celebrate from Los Angeles, where she lives with her two daughters Jade (15 years old) and Joy (11 years). Mother’s day is the opportunity to immerse yourself in beautiful memories and that is what the widow of Johnny Hallyday has done.

In the evening of 7 June, the day in Los Angeles with the jet-lag, Laeticia Hallyday has released a beautiful video on his page Instagram. This sequence is not new and dates back to several years ago. Laeticia Hallyday, in small jean shorts and top neckline, the hair at the square, appears kneeling in the bathroom of his home in Pacific Palisades. Jade comes in and curls up in his arms to share a hug. Laeticia kisses him tenderly. And then Jade looks at the camera and launches a poignant and pure “I love you”, while sending a kiss. “A day of love to all the moms in France, to all the brave women, strong, beautiful, kind, and selfless in my life and to YOU #Motherhood #loveiseverything. Thank you my loves I love you to the madness of love @jadehallyday @joyyhallyday”, has commented the partner of Pascal Balland in the caption of this video, which has not failed to thrill the thousands of people who follow on Instagram.

During the day of June 7, Laeticia Hallyday has also been able to count on a beautiful declaration of his daughter’s Joy on Instagram, which she republished in her stories. “Happy feast day to the best moms ! Thank you for always being there for me, to be as kind and amazing, and to be the best cook, no one can defeat you ! I love you so much and I’m so grateful,” wrote Joy on a photo of her baby with her mom. Touched by such beautiful words, Laeticia Hallyday responded : “I love you to the madness of love, my @joyyhallyday, more than anything in the world.”

Mother’s day was celebrated a few weeks before in the United States, on may 10. On this day, Laeticia Hallyday had been spoiled by his two daughters. Jade and Joy had reserved many surprises, including a breakfast in bed and a poem written by Joy. “The most gentle of alarm clocks on this special day in the United States. I am blessed. Jade and Joy, my love, my everything, you are my pride, my joy, my light. You help me so much every day, you are exceptional. You were my best allies, and somehow my guides in this difficult mourning for us, was shared by Laeticia on Instagram. You shine by your wisdom, and your peace, you are out of the ordinary, as your father, and you are only love and kindness. I am proud to see you grow with so much strength and resilience. It reminds me every day that only love counts.” It had also made a video TikTok with Jade, in a bathrobe.