Laëtitia (Koh-Lanta 2021): “My wife has very badly lived my absence” (excluding)

Laëtitia (Koh-Lanta 2021):

If laëtitia did not arrive until the final of Koh-Lanta 2021 (tf1) and did not take the promised sum to the winner, she won much more in her life: love. The 37-year-old multi-service employee is married to a woman she overnames zazou. Separation for the needs of the shooting was difficult to live for the latter, as the adventurer entrusted it to purpeople.

During a stubborn interview, you were telling your wife. How did she experience your participation in Koh-Lanta? It’s not easy to take part in Koh-Lanta and it’s already a pride to have been taken.

But she’s been through my absence very badly. At the time, it was confinement and she was no longer working, it wasn’t going well at her job. So she found herself alone at home and was sad about my absence.

She would have liked to do Koh-Lanta too, but she had some little health concerns. So we figured we were going to apply for an express pekin to share an adventure together. Yeah, she’s very proud.

They all told me, ‘How did you stand in this team? They don’t care, but they tell me I got the right strategy because I went far. Especially the first ten days we didn’t have the fire, it was a nightmare.