Laëtitia (Koh-Lanta 2021): “thomas always has hikers” (excluding)

Laëtitia (Koh-Lanta 2021):

End of adventure for laëtitia. The adventurer was eliminated after the episode of Koh-Lanta 2021 of May 7, led to the fall of his wine-diagnosed binome. How do you feel when licked out his secret weapon and deprives you of your immunity necklace?

I don’t understand the moment and it hurts my heart. We were close from the beginning, so I didn’t realize she’s taking it from me. I think she really had a friendly heartburn for maxine.

And since she thought she was in danger, she preferred to save her. I can’t blame him, it’s the game. On the moment, I was blasphemed, angry, disgusted, but today I don’t have a grudge.

Licked preferred to help maxine look for a necklace, she made sure to protect her on the board. I don’t understand. Maybe she was closer to the reds at that time of the adventure.

Where I can blame her, it’s that at the same time she saved thomas that made her life hard too. You’ve drawn thoma lightning by removing myriam, how do you take it? As I said, I’ve always voted on affection and merit since the beginning.

And then, there’s a time when I finally win and I figured I’d be able to eliminate the person I was hearing the least right about the moment. I have no regret to have eliminated myriam because she did not necessarily interest me in the adventure. And I knew very well that if I didn’t eliminate them thomas or she at that time, I wouldn’t go any further.

And sometimes she had a way to talk to people who were a little like a mom with her babies. But we’re in an adventure game and I’ve never been her baby (laughs) I don’t have anything against her but since mathieu broke my arrow, I’m not yellow at all. So it was thomas or her.

And I knew she was more strategist, so that’s why I chose her. My goal was to eliminate all the yellows because they hurt me. At first I was a captain but aurélien took a lot of space.

I was not listened to at a certain point, when we talk in the void, we stop talking. So I knew very well that only against four I would not go far. Either I opened it and I went out of the game, or I didn’t say anything until reunification because after I was more likely with individual trials.

I’m still frustrated today because in everyday life I can defend myself. But I wanted to go as far as possible and I think the best strategy was not to open it too much. What did you think of the shanice, myriam, thomas and mathieu?

As I often say, for me it wasn’t a quartet because we forget that shanice was very close to me. And I think she was tied to thomas because they started the adventure with a trial together. Maybe I’m mad at them for making their four-pack adventure.

They thought they were going far, but vincent intervened at some point. I’ve made a shaved table of the past but they’re not, they’re still in the game. There’s always these ranchers, like when thomas puts my face in the last episode.

I think they’re as disappointed with the turn the game has taken. They’ll never do the part of things I think. I don’t want them at all.

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