Laura boldrini speaks live TV of her tumor: “I’ve been overwhelmed”

Laura boldrini speaks live TV of her tumor:

laura boldrini, fear for her tumor is not yet passed. And continues careThe former president of the chamber continues rehabilitation after the intervention that removed her 25 centimeters of femur for the vice of a sarcoma. And tell for the first time his live TV experiencelaura boldrini speaks for the first time of the drama that afflicted her: a sarcoma due to which they had to remove 25 centimeters of femur (look).

And says: “It was like a wave that has overwhelmed me, that wave that takes away all the certainties, makes you discover your weaknesses and your fragility and all the priorities then change. He had announced it on social media without hiding fear (look), and then always updating there on their health conditions (look). Now he decided to say everything on TV, to square on la7.

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