Laure (Koh-Lanta 2021) indignant: one of her relatives attacked after her betrayal, she reacts firmly

Laure (Koh-Lanta 2021) indignant: one of her relatives attacked after her betrayal, she reacts firmly

Big rebound at the end of the episode of Koh-Lanta 2021 of April 2, on tf1. At the end of the council, candice was betrayed by two of his comrades: maxine and laure. Internet users have therefore not delayed shouting their anger on social networks.

But one of them went too far by taking care of one of the relatives of the 26-year-old farmer. On April 6, Laure revealed that one of his relatives, who had the ears taken off, had received a message of hatred from a viewer of Koh-Lanta very dissatisfied by the end of the Friday episode. “then dumbo, you must surely hear how much everyone criticizes your meuf,” can we read on the screenshot unveiled by the adventurer in instagram story.

The latter did not fail to answer him: “that we take it from me, that is one thing. Attacking on the physics, frankly it’s small”, she indignant by not failing to mention her detractor. For a reminder, candice (25 years old) had found an immunity necklace.

Rather than keeping this valuable information for her, the survival expert revealed her secret to two of her teammates: maxine and laure. She hoped to form an alliance with young women in order to pursue the game. But she didn’t know, her friends set up a stratagem in her back: convince her not to pull her famous necklace because she didn’t risk anything to the board.

Maxine assumes, candice disappointedUnfortunately, candice fell into their trap. It was thus eliminated from the adventure at the end of the council. The public didn’t believe his eyes and had a lot of trouble to contain his anger.

Maxine and laure have therefore received messages of insults. Despite this, the 25-year-old sports journalist has taken on his choice. And she shouldn’t have told us about that necklace.

On his side, candice came back on this painful moment with purpeople: “I came out with a big feeling of unfinished. And then I’m also disappointed with the strategy I was a victim of. (…) and then it is in my character too: I am a very kind person, I always have faith in the human being.