Laurence Boccolini “insulted all day long” : justice soon entered

Like many public figures, Laurence Boccolini is a victim of identity theft on the web. She often finds with regret that its image is used against his will by brands not really recommended doing the pub of products slimming. Problem, users sadly lacking not to fall into the panel. And once they realize the scam, they target the host, which is buried under the messages of fans disappointed.

Laurence Boccolini has, therefore, once again, left burst its anger on Instagram on Tuesday, 30 June 2020, making the transition Facebook responsible for this scourge because of his inaction. “I do it to insult, criticize and accuse of doing publicity for miracle products all day long. Thank you Facebook France returns the ball to his home mother in Ireland. In fact, the whole world doesn’t care. During this time, people are being ripped off 198 euros only on their naivety. I spend my days responding to them that I didn’t. I get messages from users of Facebook telling me that they are trying to REPORT these scams, but @facebook says : too many notifications, you only have to block ! But who cares really @facebook ???????? They are the supports of these scams and are therefore responsible for THEM and not me or all these well-known people to steal their image,” she wrote in the caption of a screenshot of a message virulent that it has received.

The mom of Willow explained then want to bring the case before the court. “In short it smells like a summons… The courts THEMSELVES may be come to protect the users of Facebook and asking for support to put a little order in this long-too long game of hide-and-seek… It’s a shame absolute. And pissed that @facebook is playing the victim. It’s really going to have to take your responsibilities, it’s been years that I cash. Now, I’m going to attack…”, the threat-t-it. A radical action that its users is strongly encouraged to apply.