Laurent ruquier jammed with catherine barma, money at stake: “it disappeared from day to day”

Laurent ruquier jammed with catherine barma, money at stake:

A year ago, laurent ruquier signed her divorce with her producer catherine barma. After twenty years of collaboration on france 2, the duo separated with fracas. The reason: the host made the decision to put an end to his beautiful and long adventure we are not lying, after fourteen years spent to decorate the news with his columnists.

A program that has made its time and that no longer knew the success of its beginnings. Laurent ruquier had been a reason, but it was probably not the case of catherine barma. The latter was very upset by his decision to stop everything.

I’ve been doing it all the time with the teams, but without the producer on the stage, without ever seeing it again,” said Laurent ruquier on rtl this Saturday, May 8, 2021. but the two figures of the paf have not finished hearing about each other since the laurent ruquier has launched steps to recover the money she should have. “the money that was paid out by france 2 was paid on the company of catherine barma, but there’s nothing that came back to me!” I sent her a long, very explicit letter, but to which she did not answer me directly,” added laurent ruquier.

“It is she who disappeared overnight, not accepting the fact that after 20 years of good and loyal services I want to change a little air,” he analyses. “We’d meet in the street, it’s her who’d change her sidewalk, huh? It’s so weird that day after you don’t talk, don’t have a word of explanation, or even a little thank you or a little goodbye.

Even if we don’t agree on how to see the future both. We’re still grown-up people, and when we have a little intelligence, we’re talking to each other.”