Laurent Ruquier separated from Benoit PetitJean, he has a new man in his life!

While he was always thought of as a couple with Benoît Petitjean, Laurent ruquier made a huge revelation on March 6, 2021 on the plateau of On is live. The Moderator of France 2 revealed that he left Benoît three years ago and was now in a relationship with a new man. It was thierry Ardisson who managed to pull the worms to Laurent at the beginning of the show.

“But Thierry, you know everything about my life. I don’t need to tell you” then Laurent visibly a little embarrassed by this question about his privacy. adds the former host of Everyone talks about it, eager for confidences about Laurent’s love life.

No, because the newspapers always marry me with the ex. So, poor man, he’s tired of it. “Tell his name!”

says Thierry, “No, not exactly. It proves that I’m discreet since the newspapers people continue to marry the previous one.” then plays Thierry, “Not at all!

On February 26, 2021, the former presenter of the show We tried everything to give a little anecdote about his new darling and especially about his gift on his last birthday. On RTL, he said: “To tell you everything, as it was my birthday this week, some friends asked me that I could be made as a gift… And my companion said, a robe. Someone said, and why not a place in a Ehpad too.”

Not really charming (and romantic) gifts for the host who just celebrated his 58 years.