Laurent Voulzy: Financial briefs, chips and ends of difficult months, “I had no money”

Laurent Voulzy: Financial briefs, chips and ends of difficult months,

Laurent Voulzy is only joy, sweetness and melody… but he has sometimes experienced a little more complicated daily. On December 4, the singer released a best-of titled Florilège, allowing the audience to rediscover his headline titles as well as the new Loreley Loreley. And by evoking this sublime discography in the 50′ program Inside, the artist referred to his hippie side, drawing its origins, among other things, in old money problems.

In 1992, laurent Voulzy wanted to “change the world, change things with bouquets of roses”. In colourful clothing, sometimes improbable, the singer interpreted his flowering Power throughout France, probably one of the most memorable masterpieces of his repertoire. I have to say that I didn’t have any money.

I was going to the chips and I always liked the disguise. I started having tears…Laurent Voulzy was born in Paris by Guadalupian parents. “My mother crossed the ocean of Guadeloupe to the metropolis with me in his belly,” he told TF1.

Because in her family, the fact that she was pregnant and not married was pretty badly seen. They said, “You’re not going to give birth, you’re gonna give birth somewhere else.” When I was a child, we couldn’t afford to go to the West Indies, my mother raised four children alone.

And when I started to get money, I was taken by success.” One day, Laurent Voulzy received a call to participate in a Téléthon organized in Guadeloupe.