Léa drucker : who is his companion, the Julian filmmaker rambaldi?

Léa drucker : who is his companion, the Julian filmmaker rambaldi?

This Wednesday, April 7, 2021, the drucker appears in the vulnerable television (france 2), where she encamps the role of Elizabeth. The opportunity to return to a significant part of his life: his half, the Julian director Rambaldi. Everything started in 2009, on the filming of the best friends of the world, while the niece of michel drucker played alongside marc lavoine and pascale arbillot.

A professional meeting, which will gradually gain in depth, as she told the match bet last January. “the meeting with Julian and his children, dino and mia, changed my perception of things. “when I met Julian, and her children, I turned to believe in many things: life, love, maternity,” the actress explained in the gala pages in February 2019.

Julian Rambaldi made him believe in loveAs their relationship spread greatly, and Rambaldi Julian, and the drucker, began to work together again. “I was a little apprehended because, when we turned the best friends of the world, we were not yet a couple. Today, the drucker and Rambaldi Julian have built a very solid relationship, rare in the middle.

“For ten years we’ve been living together, the life of an actor on a daily basis, he knows. “in becoming a mother three years ago, I felt the need to show some form of responsibility. I was a very pessimistic person until I met my companion and we have a child.

But at 3, I think it’s gone well,” said the drucker in femina.