Léa François, does it have a link with Claude Francois ? Revelations about his father

If Leah Francis has talent as an actor, his mother Valerie is talented as a publishing house just to publish his book. The occasion for the star of a More beautiful life to make confidences about her parents and there is one which has frankly made them laugh.

Carry a family name as Francis does not lend itself necessarily to smile, but he still must have a first name that goes well with, or that at least does not think of, or reference to famous people. Yet, it is the case of the two parents of Leah Francis, since his mom’s name is Valerie Francis, inverting gives François Valérie, such as the famous singer (except that it is written Valéry). But, this is the first name of his father that mark all the points, as he is called Claude… as Claude François. The grandparents of Lea, have they done on purpose ? It is possible ! Claude François became famous in 1962 and would have been 80 years old today. Therefore, if the father of Leah Francis, age 60, it is a chance, if it has more, it is likely that this is a wink to the singer.

But let’s get back to the talent of Valerie Francis for writing. It is the pride of the mother of Louison (8 months). “She launched out into writing, what she had dreamed of since a young age, following a long illness. She has always pushed my brother and me, to go after our dreams. Today, we are very proud that she go to the end of his own, with this novel, The Days where I was born, she has autoédité in a first time. Since then, a publishing house, Hugo’s Novel, published it. It was madness in the family”, she explains to our colleagues from Télé 7 jours. What is the book ? It tells the story of a little girl kidnapped at birth, who grew up in Vietnam and who goes in search of his true identity. And as the precise Leah Francis : “A reading of the first ten pages, I couldn’t detach myself from the fact that it was my mother who had written it. And then, I’m completely back into it.”

The interpreter of Barbara and her mom are very close. In January 2019, they have even spent the holidays together in the island of the Meeting. She had been laying in the middle of nature.