Lea Michele is a racist and infects ? Finally, ex Glee the support !

In wanting to pay tribute to George Floyd with a message using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, Lea Michele didn’t offer such a bad buzz ! Former colleagues of african-american series Glee responded by emphasizing its character infects tinged with supposed racism. The star, who has already lost a first contract, out of the silence to explain, but it has not changed much things. Luckily for her, other colleagues, are now to its rescue !

Since June 1, and his tweet, the accusations are many against Lea Michele to emphasise the extent to which she was a partner in odious and capricious, able to pronounce the worst horrors. Samantha Ware, Amber Riley, Alex Newell and then Dabier Snell, Heather Morris, and Gerard Canonico have thus emptied their bag to tackle the American, 33 years old, currently pregnant with her first child. Testimonies varied, which suggests that Lea Michele, rather than racist, was simply a classmate of filming with the big head.

Racist ? Not so fast !

Also, Amber Riley (aka Mercedes in the series) has agreed to come back to the topic one last time during a live Instagram. She handed over a few hands of the clock… “I would not say that Lea Michele is a racist. But I would simply say that the set of Glee was not a pleasant environment”, she entrusted. And he added : “I wish him to live a beautiful pregnancy, I hope that it has changed. I have not read his response to the controversy, I don’t care a bit. She contacted me this week, after two years of radio silence. I answered and it stops there for me. I don’t hate her.”

For his part, the actor pakistani Iqbal Theba aka principal Figgins, also took the floor to discuss his former comrade. “A lot of people assume that Lea Michele I was treated badly. Let me respond clearly and to say that I have never been treated badly by it. And if a few people from the cast have been treated badly, since she apologized, which is great. But to be called a racist, it is a very heavy burden and an unfair burden especially in these troubled times. So please be compassionate, attentive and responsible before you treat someone a racist, a horrible term. I love each of the members of my troupe Glee”, he wrote on Twitter.

“This is a worker”

In addition to these testimonies that deviate from a supposed racism – but not a behaviour detestable -, Lea Michele has also received support from actor Dean Geyer aka Brody Weston, her lover in Glee. “Lea is one of my playmates with whom I had the most pleasure working with them. She is extremely hard working and very fun. His professional involvement is so strong that it forces you always to give the best of you and it is something I research every day on a tray. I learned a lot, clearly. (…) I can only speak for myself and from my own experience, but from what I saw on the shelf at my time, there was nothing but professionalism and a sacred sense of teamwork between the cast members and the team”, he entrusted to the Mail Online, adding that it was “the most friendly” of all with him…