Lea Michele racist ? She breaks the silence and acknowledges a bad attitude

The fear of being blacklistée ? The fear of the other partnerships fall in the water ? A sincere attempt ? If you do not know what has motivated Lea Michele to come out of the silence, it is clear that she preferred to take the lead in responding to accusations of racism that weigh against it.

On his account Instagram followed by 6.3 million fans, Lea Michele posted a message on Wednesday June 3, 2020 after a controversy following his tweet of support in response to the death of George Floyd. “One of the most important lessons of these past weeks is that we have to take the time to listen and learn of other’s points of view and roles that one could play or what we can do to help rectify the injustices that they face. When I tweeted the other day, it had the purpose of showing support to all of our friends, neighbors, or members of the black community in these difficult times. But the reactions harvested what I posted made me focus on how my comrades shooting had seen my own behavior towards them“, she first wrote.

And the ancient interpreter of the character of Rachel Berry in Glee, which has been accused of racism by Samantha Ware, to go back on his supposed racism and her obnoxious behavior at the height of the success of the series. “If I do not remember having held these specific discourses [of the words used against the actress, ED.] and while I’ve never judged anyone by the color of his skin or his origins, even if this is not the issue, what matters is that my behavior has hurt people. Whether by my status as a privileged or as a result of my point of view, I have been perceived as insensitive, sometimes as disturbing or showing immaturity. Then the fact to have been unnecessarily difficult to live with, I apologize for my behaviour and for all the suffering I could cause. We can all mature and change (…) I have heard the criticism, I learn and I’m really sorry, this experience will make me better in the future,” she added.

Lea Michele, pregnant with her first child, spoke of her pregnancy and the need to become a better person for herself and her child.