Leah Francis mom déconfinée : “It will be good to my daughter”

On November 24, 2019, Leah Francis has landed the greatest role of his life : that of mom. On this day, she hosted with her lover Simon his first child, a little girl who answers to the sweet name of Louison. The couple has even been able to take full advantage of the first months of their baby due to the confinement imposed by the French government last march. In the columns Here in Paris, she explained, not having taken any risk during this period. “I’m at home in Paris, with my boyfriend, Simon, and our daughter, Louison. I’ve been lucky enough to have a garden, so I do not go out almost no home. There have been several cases of Covid-19 in our entourage. Everyone went well, but it proves that it touches a lot of people.”

But, the time starts to be long to Leah Francis, who has put his acting career in parentheses for nearly a year now. “I stopped in July 2019 and, unluckily, my return to a More beautiful life, in march, lasted only two days. I had to stay for several months in Marseille to shoot a big story”, she explains.

Ready for a second child ?

Now, the interpreter of Barbara in the fiction of France 3, awaits the “green light” to resume shooting, the date of which has not yet been set. Anyway, Leah Francis is impatient to meet the Mistral, although it requires that she separates from her little Louison. “For the moment, I’m not worry. I am happy to resume my role. It will be good to Louison to see other people, because we are stuck together for the past five months,” she said.

In addition, Leah Francis and his companion have not benefited from the containment to initiate a second baby. Quite the contrary, the question does not arise at all ! “Oh la la la… For the moment, this is not the program. It is said that a child, it is very good. We try to find a balance and organization to three. The years we will maybe change your mind. In any case, motherhood has made us enter into a new world,” she says enchanted.