Les Enfoirés 2021 : Amel Bent en bride, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy divine… 1res images du show

Les Enfoirés 2021 : Amel Bent en bride, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy divine... 1res images du show

Motherfuckers, more motivated than ever in this difficult timeA show that could not have seen the day. “I’m already very happy that this could be done, in this particular year, she said. Without the participation of the spectators, the restos of the heart will have a big loss to win, more than 4 million euros.

So we have to do a show that will allow CDs and DVDs to sell even more. With the Covid-19 crisis, I asked myself a lot of questions. But the need to do this show took over, and obviously the shooting went without a hit.

The singer and new coach of The Voice (TF1) Vianney will be this year of the game in the same way as the humorist and comedian Kev Adams, who also announced his participation in the 2021 Enfoirés on social networks. Actress Alice Taglioni, Comics Inès Reg and young Rebecca (10), winner of The Voice Kids season 7 in October 2020, will also be the show. carla Bruni-Sarkozy signs her great return.

The singer also married Nicolas Sarkozy, who was in the joyous band until 2007. Let us remember that the former First Lady of France participated in the show in 1995, in 1997 and in 2007. In 2018, Carla Bruni was already considering a return that was not finally due to a bad flu.

These new recruits join the regulars of the Enfoirés like Patrick Bruel, Mimie Mathy, Jean-Louis Aubert, Amel bent, Nolwenn Leroy, Patrick Fiori, Kad Merad, Christophe Willem, Michaël Youn, Lorie Pester,Zazie and Michèle Laroque. Let’s remember that the hymn, titled Now, is composed by Slimane, also expected on stage. “Today again, we no longer have the right to be hungry or to be cold, don’t forget it,” the artists sing.

Visit TF1 from 9:05 pm Friday 5 March 2021 to follow the new show of the troupe, Les Enfoirés 2021 : beside you. For information, each sale of a CD or DVD of the show of the Children allows the Restos du coeur to distribute 17 meals.