Letizia and Felipe of Spain in the open market, the first bath of the crowd into a pandemic

After long weeks of confinement, the public knows by heart the office of the king Felipe VI and queen Letizia at the palace of the Zarzuela, where they are exposed day after day at the discretion of the appointments and meetings that they honor in video calls. But he has lost the habit of seeing the royal couple in public places are crowded…

However this was the case Thursday, may 21, 2020, when Felipe and Letizia, who had risen before the dawn, came together at Mercamadrid – the Rungis Spanish. Three days after their first joint release of the period of confinement, to take knowledge of the report Cotec 2020 (focused on the promotion of innovation) in the amphitheatre, almost empty of headquarters, deserted of the Telephone company, the king and the queen have this time taken their first bath of the crowd for a long time. Properly equipped with protective masks and gloves, they made their entrance at 5.30 in the morning, while it was still night and that the largest distribution platform of fresh products in the country was already in full effervescence. There they were greeted triumphantly, awash in cheers and applause, that the sovereign has elegantly returned to the sender, saying : “It is you who deserve it.”

The continuity of the supply of fresh products is one of the key challenges of the daily life in these times of pandemic, and restrictions, the royal couple wished to lend its support to all those whose work allows them to continue to feed the Spaniards and had a good time exploring the loading docks and then to browse the stalls of fruits and vegetables or of fish – Letizia, the guarantor of the healthy diet in force to the house, showing the passage his penchant for the swiss chard. The catchment area of Mercamadrid extends on a radius of approximately 500 kilometers and approximately 3 million tons of products that the platform makes forward each year to meet the needs of 12 million citizens, while doing work 9 000 people.

Accompanied for this output at the crack of dawn by the minister of Trade Reyes Maroto and by the mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida, the king and queen, who conversed of very relaxed way with their interlocutors, have in spite of them challenged the rules of social distancing, some of the people playing a bit of the bends to approach or photograph them. The monarch has, however, shown by example in welcoming some of a contact of the elbow – the new version of the handshake.

This release occurred one week after the release in the solo of the queen Letizia, who spent a few hours in the shoes of a volunteer of the Red Cross, and the day after conference calls with representatives of the world of culture, including the popular singer David Bisbal.

This Friday, may 22, 2020, the king Felipe VI and queen Letizia celebrate their 16th wedding anniversary.