Lily Allen and David Harbour betrothed ? A ring and a “rule” that say it all

Lily Allen and David Harbour would they be big cachotiers ? The british artist has released a photo of herself on Instagram Thursday, 7 may 2020, where she laid the left hand on the hip. It is difficult not to notice the pretty ring set with a diamond that she is wearing on the left ring finger. “Wow ! An engagement ring ?”, asked for a fan in the comments.

“First rule of the club of betrothal…”, replied Lily Allen, in reference to Fight Club and the punchline worship of Brad Pitt. It seems that this is pretty clear : there are very great chances that the british singer is actually betrothed to David Harbour.

Lily Allen and actor of Stranger Things (Netflix) had formalized their relationship last September. The singer, 35-year-old had posted several photos of her and her lover dressed for a day at Disneyland. They had also put together a little post on the red carpet of the gala, Champions for Change, in October 2019.

The first rumors of a romance between Lily and David appeared last August. Such engagement was supposed to have a very good news for the interpreter to Smile, which has experienced more heartbreak in the past. First, in 2016, when she divorced her former husband Sam Cooper, the father of her two daughters, Rose Marie and Ethel Mary. After that, she also had to grieve the loss of his relationship of three years with the singer Meridian Dan.

In the past, David Harbour has been the companion of Julia Stiles from 2011 to 2015 and Alison Sudol, 2019, who had accompanied him to the Critics’ Choice Awards.